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Without a helmet

William “ Pete” Snell---the great racer

When we talk about motorcycle helmets. We all know who invented the first helmet, but here I want to mention a person, William “Pete” Snell, who was an amateur auto racer. He perished from a needlessly auto racing event in 1956 when his then state-of- the-art helmet utterly failed to protect him. In memory of Pete a number of his friends, colleagues and fellow racers including Dr. George Snively, formed the Snell Memorial Foundation to try to improve helmet design and capabilities, and to encourage the development and use of truly protective helmets.

William “ Pete” Snell was born in San Francisco, grew up to a car exthusiast. He started racing from 1951, and raced a variety of cars next few years. Highly-respected and liked as a car racer. He won the Region’s Sportsmanship Award in 1954 but he finished his last race in Augest 1956, hit from behind by another car and totally lost control of his TR-3. His car trapped him underneath after rolled over three times. Though wearing a state-of-the-art helmet, he sufferd from fatal head injuries. This was his last race.

His death was a blow to many who liked him and made them clearly knew the value of life and dager of some extrem sports. So in memory of him, A group of friends, scientists, physicians, and others joined together to create a group that would promote research and education as well as test and develop standards to improve the effectiveness of helmet. The Snell Memorial Foundation (SMF) was established to provide a high quality standard of safty for helmets. His death was a loss, meanwhile also saved many people’s lives.

So we should have some lessons, when we drive a motorcycle or do some extrem sports, what we should think is not chasing speed, passion at the most extent but our lives. So wearing a helmet is neccesary.

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