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The History of Motorcycle Helmets

Do you know who invented the first motorcycle helmets. His name is Charles F. Lombard. It said that the first helmet was not designed for the motorcycle racing but it was rather for aviation. He developed a unique energy absorbing helmet for the United States Air Force. This kind of helmet was designed to absorb the shock of an impact, inside the helmet along with the comfortable padding which can spread out the energy created by the crash. Afterwards Prof Charles F. Lombard applied for the patent for his helmet.

This was the beginning of the development of motorcycle helmet, and this helmet promoted the trend of motorcycle racing.

More and more people ran after speed in riding motorcycles, meanwhile, the fatal injuries also increased. The government set up some motorcycle helmet standards and mandatory laws to decrease there things happen.

In 1957 Snell Memorial Foundation, not a government-aided safty agency was formed for the purpose of providing independent motorcycle helmet testing, in memory of William “Pete” Snell who was a sports rider badly injured in a racing accident. In 1961 the world's first mandatory motorcycle helmet law was passed on. And finally in 1974 US Department of Transportation (DOT) introduced Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for motorcycle helmets. Those standards set by DOT made it mandatory for motorcycle helmet manufacturers to put a DOT approved sticker inside every helmet manufactured

All these things been done just because the government see a need for the motorcycle helmets. And things turned out all these did work. But there are so many people opposing these laws, they don't want to wear a helmet, feeling their freedom is under attack. But if you don't want to end up as a stastic, Happy riding you must wear a motorcycle helmet. Without llfe we can't chase anything.

So here I am strongly suggest, if you are a loved one of motorcycles but without a motorcycle helmet, please take one. We do have rights to run after speed, we want to get rid of everything just taste the speed. But in those reckless driving wearing a helmet makes a difference of life and death.

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