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This is a full face helmet, all sizes are available. Outer shell is ABS material. Removable liner is comprised of high-density EPS material. Detached and washable sponge lining, good ventilation system assures the fine air circulation in the helmet, adjustable chin strape,high strength UV coating, ECE R 22.05 approval, the color of the helmet can be chosen by customers.

Weight: 1600 g  

Shell: The material of the shell is ABS plastic(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)of good comprehensive which has good impact resistance. This kind of material has a very good demensional stability, not easy to deform also is wear-resistant. So this is a perfect material suitable for helmets.

EPS liner:EPS liner is the important component of a helmet assures the safty of human being. It has a supperior capability of speading over the energy of an impact. to protect the wearer,non-static, clean and odorless, will not produce micro-organisms and parasites. 

Lining:Lining can be removable, we use the high quality fabric which can enhance the capabilities of absorbing the wet and perspiration, makes the most secure and comfortable gurantee of the head.

Visor:The PC material outer visor has a good light transmission property. Inside visors we have dying series and coated series, anti-scratch, anti-impact, anti-UV, anti-fog and so on. The surface of the outer visor can be processed to be hardened and vacuum coating, the hardened processed visor has shock-resistant and wear-resistant features. Coating treated visor are anti-scratch, anti-shock, anti-UV and so on. Our visor can assure the wearer’s vision from affecting. 

Vent: The ventilation system of this helmet is comprised of windward, top, back sides. When the fresh air enter into the helmet from the windward and top, a certain pressure created at the top inside the helmet will form the gas convection make sure carbon dioxide will be all discharged from the back vent

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