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How a motorcycle helmet save your life

We like many cool motorcycle helmets, but we do not really know how a helmet come into being and how many parts a helmet coposes of.

Here I’d like to introduce some information of the motorcycle helmets. So we can clearly know how to use a helmet and protect ourselves at the most extent.
Normally, a helmet has composoed of 4 parts. A rigid outer shell, a crushable liner, a chin strap or retaining system and the comfort padding. These are the basic four elements.

The rigid outer shell acts like a another skull preventing objects from penetrating the helmet has a load-spreading capability. The liner is usually made of EPS( expanded polystyrene) or other similar materials can absorb the energy of an impact causing by an accident. The chin strap should be properly fastened and at the most extent sitck to the head, acting just like a safty belt. The comfort padding also like the liner can absorb the energy but also make the head feel comfortable.

When a person drive a motorcycle at a high speed and unfortunately meet an accident. The helmet will save his life maybe. It is just like a brake or a shock-absorber. During a fall or crash, the body is moving at a certain speed with energy. When the head without a helmet hits an unyielding object, we can imagine what things will happen. But we wear a helmet, things turns out that the shell starts to absorb the energy causing by the falling and spreads it over a larger portion of the helmet. At this point, the liner will play a important role starting to crush and break which will take much energy, keeping it from reaching the head inside the helmet. In those milliseconds the helmet effectively reduce the speed of the head by crushing and breaking also decrease the amount of energy transferred to the brain, successfully turn a lethal blow into a survivale one.

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